The John Dee Bright College provides affordable access to Drake excellence to ambitious, creative, high-achieving learners who want to do college differently. Through high-impact interdisciplinary, collaborative earning as part of a close-knit cohort of peers. Bright College students prepare themselves for ongoing educational attachment and career success.

Cohort-based structure

Bright College does college differently with students learning together as a part of a cohort.

A cohort is a team of classmates whom you will work with to take on real-world challenges and solve problems creatively, collaboratively, and effectively.

This means you will learn with the same group of students until you graduate your program.

High-impact experiences

Bright College students gain foundational knowledge in core subject areas, like humanities, STEM, and the arts, and will apply that knowledge in relevant, high-impact ways through hands-on experience.

Accelerator for Career Development

Bright College degrees focus on higher-order, transferable skills including critical thinking, systems literacy, intercultural understanding, collaborative problem-solving, and effective communication.