Political Science

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Majors & Minors

The Department offers majors in Politics, American Politics, and International Relations.

Our major and minor offerings span the political science field, allowing students to find a program that fits their interests and goals!


The Politics major provides an overview of the four major subfields of political science—American Politics, Comparative Politics, International Relations, and Political Theory—and allows students to choose which areas of interest to pursue in more depth. The American Politics major integrates rigorous academic course requirements with hands-on participation in local, state, and national politics, developing skills that will position students as successful professionals and civic leaders. International Relations is an interdisciplinary major that includes foundational courses and upper-level electives from a wide range of programs, including Politics, Economics, and World Languages and Cultures.

Our Department's combination of in-depth disciplinary training with broad multidisciplinary inquiry helps fulfill Drake’s mission of producing informed and engaged citizens while providing students with skills and training to help them succeed in a job, in graduate school, or in a professional school as well as in careers in politics or international affairs.

In addition, members of our department are active in interdisciplinary programs including Drake's Law, Politics and Society (LPS) major, Environmental Science and Sustainability major, East Asian Studies minor, Global and Comparative Public Health concentration, and International Business major.

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